In a Ocean of Dreams
A diary of sorts brought to you by a 16 year old girl.
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→ Aug 2012



→ Feb 2012 I will always love this movie, and I have been since I was six….
→ Feb 2012 Everything I want to appear as…..
→ Feb 2012
→ Jan 2012
→ Nov 2011 Chocolate is my best friend.
→ Nov 2011
→ Oct 2011 
Frida Kahlo, Alexey Kurbatov

This is amazing, look at the face structure!
→ Oct 2011
→ Oct 2011
→ Oct 2011 Work it gurl.
→ Oct 2011 The Pianist is such an amazing film.
→ Oct 2011 Me too kid, me too.
→ Oct 2011

Bomba Estereo | A Take Away Show | Part 2 from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

I can’t get those songs out of my head….

→ Oct 2011 I have a self portrait for photography that is due soon, and this is the perfect inspiration! I can’t wait!